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Hamm ‘n Eggs

I am not a breakfast eater!

The most important meal of our day, we are told is breakfast. But from a very young age I just could not handle breakfast. My stomach is one of the very last things to wake up with the alarm clock.

I do love breakfast food!

The pancakes, French toasts, waffles and most of all biscuits and gravy are never far from my table.  For lunch and/or dinner give me bacon and eggs along with a short stack. By mid-day my whole being is ready to receive the Morning Delights and Delicacies it turns from at sunrise.


Some days there is nothing like a good ham ‘n eggs sandwich to make you feel the love!

Mmmmmmm! Feel the LOVE?


There are not many things one should loose their head over, but these may come close to one reason.

Texana's Kitchen

Marie Antoinette was the very young (14 years old), Austrian born bride toFrance’ King Louis XVI during the French Revolution.  She is most remembered for the infamous (and likely non-factual) comment “let them eat cake!” in reference to a mostly starving population of French peasants.  Had she lost her mind? 

If you are the Queen, and your subjects and their children are starving of basic nutrition, you should not make light of their plight by suggesting that they should just eat cake.  This would tend to make your subjects become disillusioned with their current monarchy. 

Whether or not Marie had lost her mind was of no consequence, as she eventually lost her head.  Ironically, the phrase she uttered, qu’ils mangent de la brioche, actually means let them eat brioche, and was most likely intended to show sympathy for the people, not disdain.

Nonetheless, in order to understand why one remark…

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Pollo Español

This may not be so much an original recipe but a few months ago I had defrosted several chicken breasts and had no idea what I was actually going to do with them. After scouring the pantry cupboard and finding two boxes of Spanish rice mix and one can of diced tomatoes.

Light bulb time! I just knew I could make a good meal that my husband was going to like. As long as it had rice, it was a shoe-in!

It went over so well that I have added it to our monthly meal plans. It is quick and easy. Less then an hour and you have a hearty meal that is full of flavor and fit for company too! We hope you find it as good as we do and that your family enjoys it as much as mine. It is my version of a “poor man’s” paella.

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Spanish Chicken

Braised Beef Country Ribs

Sunday dinners have always been special. “Dinner” time was anywhere between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. after church and when my entire family would gather at the common table. Monday through Saturday we called it lunch, but Sunday we fancied up the meal and referred to it as Dinner.

I have tried for 42 years to keep this Sunday tradition. A big Sunday meal where we all would gather. The all now consists of my husband and I but according to him, I still cook as if there is an army that needs to be fed. He is right but hey, it takes as much work to cook for two as it does for four or five.

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Here is a taste of Sunday dinner now.

braised beef ribs

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