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Techno Leap

This is a first for me! Writing this my iPad on a Bluetooth keyboard. Not a feat perhaps for most season bloggers or techno wizards. Being neither a season blogger or a techno wizard, this is a major accomplishment.

Now have a MacBook, iPhone, and iPad! Would say I’m connected and ready to go! This card carrying old person is about to enter the fray!


13.2.27 iPad with keyboard



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2 thoughts on “Techno Leap

  1. tylertc on said:

    How did you like it ?! I’ve been thinking about getting one myself. I find most of my inspiration while lying in bed at night researching. That’s also when I find myself the most motivated to write. Having a keyboard I think would be great. Interested to hear your thoughts!

    • I have found having the keyboard a plus. I am glad that I waited and got a good deal from an online site. I do not think you’d be sorry if you got one. Please let me know what you decide to do and how you like it, should you get a keyboard. Funny but like you I seem to become motivated or have flashes of what may be brilliant thoughts after relaxing and am snuggled in my bed. What’s with that!?

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