The Care & Feeding of Zebras

An A to Z Look At The Ironies Of Life


Good morning!

Well, it seems that October has decided to stick around a few more weeks! At least another 30 days!

Promises to go from cold to hot and return daily to cold! Isn’t that just a comforting thought? NOT!

Oh! And to delay sunrise later every day while speeding up the arrival of sunset! What’s with that?

She may or may not bring us tons of rain and could even send us running for snow shovels before she leaves!

Speaking if leafs, she said that there will be a display of rainbow painted trees, but to act quickly as she will not promise to leave them longer then needed. Like a day or two, before they are covering the ground and bringing the incessant droning of leaf blowers and scraping rakes! Check for the peek color in you area at Fall Foliage.

She also promised to have us howling at the moon like a banshee before she is through.

Guess we just have to accept that again Mother Nature is in control and we are her captive audience.

Have a great October! Enjoy her majestic show and know you are loved every second of every day!



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