The Care & Feeding of Zebras

An A to Z Look At The Ironies Of Life

Auld Lang Syne ~

It is December 31, 2013. New Year’s Eve!

As I write this from my living room in Northern Indiana, we still have about eight and a half hours before 2014 is officially arrived. I have tracked on a New Year Map from Time and Date as 2014 is chasing 2013 into the history books.

Examining the last 364 days, I have a few regrets. I have tried to give my life meaning and reach beyond my comfort zones. I do regret not expressing how much I love my family and friends more. How I should find more time to spend with them and not need as much “me time”.  I need to be more involved in my community. Of course I will shed a tear as the clock chimes the New Year in, for those gone too soon and for words spoken too harshly and too hastily, or the words never spoken at all.

Tears of joy for the unknown adventures of 2014. I am borrowing an inspiring  goal for the next 365 days! Happy New Adventures! Happy New Year, my dear friends see you next year!

You are the Author of your history.

You are the Author of your history.

Thank you SHOUTSA


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