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2014 Chapter One: Day 2   Recipe for a cold winter’s night: Mom’s Stuff Pepper Soup

Day 2 is here! Reality hits! The parties are over and the real world is calling.

The Reality of Winter in Northern Indiana

The Reality of Winter in Northern Indiana


The Beauty of a Fresh Winter Snow

I am not the kind of person who makes resolutions. It’s not that I don’t have things that I need to change or work on. Like every other person I know, I could attempt to live healthier and give up some very bad habits. (Some would even say I need to stop blogging, as I don’t seem to keep it up that well and have very little of world interest in my life to forcibly share with unknown readers.) Not too worry, I tell them, my blog is ignored by more than read.

No, resolutions are like promises and I do not like to make promises I cannot or have no intention of keeping. Just who would I be kidding? So I just continue to struggle with my short comings and when pointed out to me, agree that I do need to work on them.  As they say, “The road to hell is paved with very good intentions”.

In my seven decades I have learned that somehow all these imperfections are what make me, me.!Oh, it’s not that I enjoy getting upset, angry or being told I’m a hard head.  Yet, I have to think that just maybe these  very faults are what has gotten me through some of the hard and dark times. So are they truly imperfections and faults or at the core a mode of survival imprinted in my DNA by my creator. He knew what I was going to need before I ever needed it. He knows what you need to make it through your long days of winter. When the dark comes and seems to want to swallow all the light from within you, I have learned we cannot give into any urge to allow that to happen. Be angry, be upset, and be very hard-headed in your determination to hold on to light and truth.

Just as sure as there is snow and blow zero weather during January in Northern Indiana, I will remain that hard head, upsetting and sometimes angry old gal. That is a resolution (promise) I can keep. With a smile and a wink!

2014 Bible Challenge Readings January 2: Genesis 4-6; Psalm 2; Matthew 2



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