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Cookie Monster ~

2014 Chapter One: Day 4

Shopping day! And the adventure began with my usual instruction from my loving and doting husband to eat something before we left the house.

As an insulin dependent diabetic I promptly heated up some left over soup and consumed a good size bowl. It would give me the calories needed plus warm me inside out to face the winter winds beginning to blow.

Made it through Wal-Mart like a summer zephyr. But as we were nearing our quest at Aldi’s it hit me like a brick.


Yup, every diabetics fear, I was spiraling down and fast.  Hubby got scared. I didn’t want to pass out and cause a scene or worse have them call an ER alert.  Here we are in the middle of a food store and I need something sweet! Of course we are in the aisle with all the “Healthy Choice” food and nothing filled with sugar. “Don’t panic,” I tell my sweetie, “I’ll be fine as soon as I can get some sugar in me.”

A Cookie Can Save A Life

A Cookie Can Save A Life

Reached for the nearest package that wasn’t labeled “Healthy Choice” and discovered the most tasty cookies ever. Now I know I should always carry some hard candy on me just for this type of emergency and usually do. Of course, it has been a very long time since something like this has happened and no candy in sight. Not in my purse or pockets and not with my husband. Be assured, lesson learned, candy is now in purse and pockets. I survived and managed to help put away the groceries when we got home. Living with diabetes is a real adventure. It’s highs and lows! (sic***)


2014 Bible Reading Challenge: Day 4 Genesis 10-12; Psalm 4; Matthew 4




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