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We’re in HOT WATER here … NOT

2014 Chapter One: Day 6

We Got SNOW!

We Got SNOW!

As life would have it, Saturday, Jan. 4, a arctic vortex descended upon us and caused a vicious snow storm and dropping temperatures. Actual temps of minus 20 was a norm with wind chills of minus 48. Not what I consider my ideal environment but doable for a short time, one, two, three days tops!

We had done our food shopping so we had what we needed to survive. No problem!


Cleaning up after stowing our grub, I noticed a growing chill in our hot water! What? Yup, life has struck again!

Hubby ventured into the darkness of our “Michigan-basement,” that’s a basement that is not completely dug out but not a crawl space. Yeah, a mess! Checking the hot water heater and finding it not lit, he was going to solve the mystery of the chilling hot water. NOT!

POP! BANG! Surprise! The electric igniter died! RIP! No hot water!

Saturday, Mother Natured began her magical winter display of snow and wind. She continued this awesome show through Sunday and into Monday. Now going on day three of no hot water and it may not be fixed until Wednesday!

Hey, got to love it! It’s life!  The laundry is just as clean with cold water! I learned Dawn works the same with cold water as with hot! TYJ!

I’ve considered this a minor adventure in pioneer living. Only I didn’t have to go to the creek for the water or pound the clothes on rocks! We are surviving and even with Mother Nature giving us her best (or worse) shot, we are still here and going to make it to spring.

2014 Bible Challenge Reading: Day 6 Genesis 16-18; Psalm 6; Matthew 6


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