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Mr. Barley ~ Welcome Back Old Friend

2014 Chapter One: Day 12

Growing up I loved when we had a pot of beef barley soup simmering on the stove! The house smelled of comfort and love.

I used to make it for my family several times a year when the kids were younger and for some reason after they were grown and out of the home I seemed to put barley on a back shelf and not paying too much attention. Well, I am now apologizing to Mr. Barley! Moving the barley box from the back of the shelf and into the rotation of our daily and/or weekly menus.

Barley is a heart healthy food and a healthier alternative to starchy potatoes and rice.  Barley is high in fiber and niacin, low in fat and sodium, easy and quick. Stick to the ribs delicious and just plan good.

According to  the consensus, my hubby, is happy to see the return of our old friend Mr. Barley. Will let you know how many ways I will find to merge this healthy grain into our diets.

2014 Bible Reading Challenge: Day 12 Genesis 34-36; Psalm 12; Matthew 12


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