The Care & Feeding of Zebras

An A to Z Look At The Ironies Of Life

Am I Normal ~ Are You Normal Too!

2014 Chapter One: Days 13 & 14

Yes, I do take this seriously! I wake with every intention of sharing day and thoughts here and daily I find my thoughts may just not be what should be shared publicly, Not that they are x-rated, adults only but I have been known to see life in a whole different way as so-called normal.

Speaking of normal, what is meant by that phrase? Normal!

Believing and knowing that we are all individuals and unique, how can any of us every truly achieve normal when no one I know in anyway, is the same as me. Now does that make them normal and me not so normal?

There is a saying, “If the world is normal and I am abnormal, then I would rather be abnormal!”

I know the normal I feel today is not the normal I felt 30 years ago. It is not the normal I will be feeling a year from now!

Are you feeling your normal?

2014 Bible Reading Challenge: Day 13: Genesis 37-39; Psalm 13; Matthew 13

                                                         Day 14: Genesis 40-42;  Psalm 14; Matthew 14


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