The Care & Feeding of Zebras

An A to Z Look At The Ironies Of Life

Nut Job

We will stand for hours to see a “celebrity” and not hide our devotion to their works or performances! We will wear tee-shirts declaring our involvement with this cause or that cause. Yet we seem also scared to shout out to the world our involvement and devotion to the One who died, conquered death, and advocates for all of us. CHRIST JESUS! I have heard many reasons why this seems so hard to do, “It’s a personal thing!” “I don’t want to offend anyone!” “I don’t want to appear like a ‘Jesus freak’!” Really? Well, I for one don’t want to be without my friends in glory! I for one would rather appear as a “Jesus freak,” then just another crazy nut job! God is the promise Maker and the promise Keeper! Stand tall and let His love shine through you as a bold witness of His Mercy and Grace. He has the perfect plan, just right for you. #nosmallfaith #kyeoj #TheJesusMovement @gee43


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