The Care & Feeding of Zebras

An A to Z Look At The Ironies Of Life


Boldly saying that I am a FAITH liver. I want to trust the people who have come into my life with all of my heart. I want to be TRUSTED by the people that have come into my life with all their hearts. Sadly often this trust/FAITH brings less then positive results. Our “humanity” makes living by this trust/FAITH nearly impossible. I know there have been occasions where I could not provide the support, the safe harbor for someone who looked to me in need. I have also found that some of my biggest and most heart breaking times came to pass because of trusting too much in my fellow travelers abilities. Not that either myself or they didn’t try our best to be there, but our flawed humanity made it impossible. I have learned that the ONE, which has always been here, carrying me forward when I am too weak, mending my shattered heart, and restoring life to my soul, has never disappointed the trust/FAITH placed in Him. He is the refuge in every storm and my joy/Blessing ALWAYS! Remember, we all live by faith in some form. I have faith that the world, humanity, will always fall short. While my Lord CHRIST JESUS, is stead fast and true. Always my protector. I know HE always has my back. Remember, God is the promise maker! God is the promise keeper! JESUS is the LIGHT leading me to SAFE WATERS. We can trust His plans always in all ways #nosmallfaith #kyeoj #TheJesusMovement @gee43 @gee543 


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