The Care & Feeding of Zebras

An A to Z Look At The Ironies Of Life


Remember being asked, “If your friends jump off a bridge are you going to follow and jump too?” My Busha (Grandma) would ask me that all time and then follow up with either another lesson in why following a “mob mentality ” is never the best idea. Sadly, being me, I didn’t always heed her wise advice. I’m partly a “learn the hard way.” Thank God, she and my Savior have great patience and was always there to help me up! I did finely learned to listen to her wisdom and to read even more from my owners manual, the BIBLE! Not claiming to be wise but do encourage not to always follow the loudest or biggest group, heading foolish to jump off a bridge. Have learn that much, it never ends well! Seek sound advice, pray over every situation, actually never cease praying, and sometimes be unique, GO against the flow! Remember, God is the promise maker! God is the promise keeper! He never wants to see us jumping foolish off bridges. He has the perfect plan for each of us, we just need to allow Him to direct our journey! #nosmallfaith #kyeoj #TheJesusMovement @gee43 @gee543 


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