The Care & Feeding of Zebras

An A to Z Look At The Ironies Of Life



There is nothing I most likely wouldn’t do if I could keep someone I loved from being hurt or in danger. Even seeing my children sick with colds I would often pray that it would be me going through the fight of getting well. Seeing my husband in pain from his injured back and needing several major surgeries I prayed that it had been me and not him in all that pain. It’s not because I didn’t want to care for them, but rather I didn’t want them to have to suffer. I know that is what God our Father feels for each of us. He sees, know and feels our pain and anguish as we struggle daily to get through. To find the path back to our heavenly home. But unlike myself, my Father took care of that! He sent Jesus, my Lord, to open the path back to Him. He made sure the cost and sickness of this world was paid in full and restored my connection. Yes, I still have deep valleys to travel and some very high mountains to climb but I can trust that He is with me all the way. And if I happen to miss the mark, which is like always, I have His word that my ransom from my situation is paid in full. Remember, God is the promise maker! God is the promise keeper! He, and He alone, gives us freely this much love! His plans are perfect for each of us! #nosmallfaith #kyeoj #TheJesusMovement @gee43 @gee543


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