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Never Fails 

Far too often I allow my eyes, my thoughts and even my heart to stray from focusing on the big picture. The world comes crashing through and the anxiety and fears take over! It’s very hard for us to place our concerns at the feet of our Lord, walk away and patiently wait His directions and answers! And, what if He answers us with what we don’t want to hear, do or accept as an answer? Right, so we grab back what we have just left and continue trying to have this life our way, not His! I look at all that He has bestowed on us, an ordered universe, the skills to survive, a need to connect to a Higher Power and the only way to this Power! He spoke all of this and us into being! His WORD has never failed. Why would I (we) think He would fail us now? I (we) need to not accept the negative thoughts being hurled at us by a world that rejected the Cornerstone, Christ Jesus, and focus on LOVE and the Power of His Grace and Marcy! Remember, God is the Promise Maker! God is the Promise Keeper! He is the same, yesterday, today, forever more! He has never failed! He never will fail! His plan is perfect for each of us! #nosmallfaith #kyeoj #TheJesusMovement @gee43 @gee543


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