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Sliding into Fall

Am I the only one to notice how quickly after July 4th we seem to spiral downward into fall?

Reeling from the hot heat of The Summer of 2012, the calendar page for July barely made it into the wastebasket before the temperatures began to fall into a cooler more “end of summer,” feel. Sweaters now drape across backs of chairs for an easy fling on and/or off as temps dip into the low 50s most of the evenings. With only seven days before the last long weekend of summer, (Labor Day) the sun is beginning a lazy rise and shine and an earlier rest and set. The heat of July is now but fade memories as crops begin to be harvested and appear at local farmer markets. Jugs of apple cider begin to appear next to bins of locally grown sweet corn. Yellow school buses are beginning to dot and dash around the country side causing tied up traffic as they receive and deliver their precious cargo.

Gradually and somewhat reluctantly we are looking at fall recipes. Stews, soups and hearty oven-roasted meals replacing simple grilled burgers, brats and the steak or two. Warm cobblers exchanged with the fruity cooler. Oddly I am holding on to a Summer Chicken Salad that is both fast and easy. Hope you also enjoy it and know it is also just as good on a fall evening or a winter’s afternoon.

Hold on to summer memories! Prepare for the golden fall memories to come! Enjoy life to the fullest! This is not a dress rehearsal! LYTTMABIAB!


Torrid Heat with chances of being HOT!

With the worse drought in over 60 years raging across the United States, tress struggle to hold on to they’re dying foliage.

Several summers ago we lost our Redbud tree to a freakish wind storm. Sprouts from that tree have been struggling to survive in the oppressive heat of the summer of 2012.

Leaves began falling last week. Green clumps dropping from the Maple trees in our yard. Now limbs of brown withered leaves hang low and the yellow/brown straw that was our yard is beginning to wear a blanket of brown dead leaves.

With these conditions can we even expect any kind of harvest as fall approaches in the weeks ahead?

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Meteorologist add that the forecast for the near future does not show any relief from the drought and only a slight respite from the heat. If you call the high 80s cooler!

We are not even into the “Dog Days of summer,” which usually is in August.

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